Tis’ the Season for Tubing- Winter Activities in Durango

The snow has hit and it is finally snow tubing time in Durango. Whether you’re looking for some high-octane tubing at one of the ski slopes just outside town, or just looking for a great hill for some leisurely tubing with the family, there are plenty of places to fulfill your need for speed.

For those looking for some serious downhill tubing, Durango Mountain Resort and the Hesperus Ski Area have great tubing at the base at the base of the mountains.  In town, Chapman Hill is open and running. Chapman Hill offers a great downhill slope for snowboarders, skiers, and serious speed freaks on tubes, and a smaller free tubing and sledding hill for kids and families. There are two lifts on the west side of Chapman Hill, with prices ranging from $5 to $12 for a Day Pass depending on your age. On the east side, there’s a smaller hill that’s great for the little kiddos.

If you’re not looking for a tow up the mountain, there are a number of other great places in town. Buckley Park is a very popular tubing spot when the snow is falling. It’s located on the north side of downtown on Main Street, so it’s a great place if you want to wander into town for a bite when you’re finished. If you’re pet friendly, there are great tube runs at the Durango Dog Park. The large park is bordered by Smelter Mountain and the Animas River right outside downtown Durango along the 160. The stretch of Animas River that runs alongside the park provides great trout fishing year round for those who don’t mind cold fingers and spectacular views.

There are plenty of small hills just walking distance from the Quality Inn as well for casual tubing. We have tubes for rent right here at the hotel. If you venture up 24th and 25th street, you’ll find kids at both Needham Elementary and Miller Middle School sledding and tubing on the hills on and surrounding campus. Tucked in the residential neighborhoods behind Needham Elementary, you’ll find a number of small parks and open hills with just enough downhill action to keep the kids entertained while you think about getting back to the hot tub at the Quality Inn.

If you’re looking for some family tubing fun, don’t forget to book a room with us at the Quality Inn, Durango. 

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