The Four Corners Motorcycle Rally will be rumbling into Ignacio and Durango over Labor Day weekend, so now is the perfect time to dish on the best motorcycle rides in Durango and Southwest Colorado.

The 2016 Four Corners Motorcycle Rally will roar into Durango over Labor Day weekend.

Summer vacation is in full swing, and there’s an awe-inspiring gem tucked into the corner of our own state: Mesa Verde National Park. Mesa Verde is the perfect destination to be the centerpiece for your vacation, whether it’s a quick road trip, a weekend getaway or a full-blown, weeklong southwest Colorado shindig of summery goodness. Durango is the largest city near Mesa Verde and sits 35 miles east of the park entrance. In addition to the Mesa Verde Visitor… Read More

Durango has some type of summer festival or fair almost every weekend from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

In honor of the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally coming to Ignacio and Durango over Labor Day weekend, we thought it would be a perfect time to share some of Southwest Colorado’s best motorcycle rides. These are the most amazing, most scenic, most I-can’t-believe-this-exists rides we can come up with. Well, technically, we didn’t come up with them; they’re all designated Colorado Scenic Byways — and seven of them are in Southwest Colorado. But beware:… Read More

Ah, Four Corners Motorcycle Rally. How do we put our feelings for you into words? How about… Rowdy. Raucous. Rip-roaring. Those are all good words — but the Four Corners rally isn’t about words. It’s about fun. The 2014 Four Corners Motorcycle Rally roars into Ignacio, Colorado, every Labor Day weekend. This year, the four-day event kicks off Aug. 29 and wraps up Sept. 1 and features events in Ignacio and nearby Durango. The… Read More

There’s still another couple days to party down during Labor Day weekend (assuming you read this today), so what’s going on in Durango today and Monday-slash-Labor Day? Well, we’ll tell ya. SUNDAY There’s so much going on every day of the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally, it’s hard to decide what to highlight — but we’ll give it a shot. P.S. You don’t have to own a Harley-Davidson or even know how to ride… Read More

Looking for something to do on Saturdays that doesn’t involve chores, video games or Facebook? Then look to the right of this sentence. Yup, that’s the Durango Nature Center, which offers an easy way to get out of the house, offline and into nature for the day. In 1998, Durango Nature Studies acquired the 142-acre natural area that’s permanently protected by a conservation easement. The upper 35-acre section has miles of interpretive… Read More

It’s gonna be loud in Durango over Labor Day weekend as bikers gather for the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally. Ignacio Bike Week and The Four Corners Bike Rally have joined forces to create the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally in Southwest Colorado during Labor Day weekend, Thursday, Aug. 29, through Monday, Sept. 2. The weekend is packed with events, entertainment and rides in Ignacio, Cortez and Durango, Colorado. Durango is smack in the middle of Ignacio… Read More

We know it seems early to start talking about fall — it’s not even Labor Day yet, people! — but fall colors in the West are kind of like a fireworks display: Boom, everything is yellow and red and orange (but mostly yellow — thanks, aspens!) then it’s gone in a flash — especially if any of Colorado’s notoriously quick-to-change weather blows in and blows all the leaves off the trees. Because… Read More