Six Steps to Rocking NYE in Durango 2015

New Years Eve
Durango’s Purgatory Mountain Torchlight Parade scheduled again this year for New Year’s Eve.

We are smack dab in the middle of the 2015 holiday season. Trying to work off those extra pounds we gained over Thanksgiving, anxiously wrapping presents for our loved ones anticipating Christmas morning, and planning our New Year’s Eve. New Year’s Eve! Yikes, we nearly forgot about New Year’s. Don’t freak out, here is an easy guide to enjoying New Year Eve in Durango this year.

Step 1

Ski your heart out on Purgatory Mountain.

Step 2

Enjoy après ski on the mountain at Purgy’s where they have live music starting as early as 2:30pm. Once dusk sets in, around 6pm, enjoy the Torchlight Parade down the mountain, followed by a fireworks display.

Step 3

Eat some grub. Stay up at Purgatory if you like and enjoy a reservation only buffet at Hoody’s with live music by Lacey Black, or take the family to Paradise Pizza where you can watch the New York Festivities on the big screen. Purgy’s will have live music till 1am provided by Durango’s favorite bluegrass band, Liver Down the River.

Step 4

Head back to downtown Durango and explore all the happenings, including a dance party at the Henry Strater Hotel. Event is called Wonder Jackson and is a tribute to the music stylings of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder preformed by Hello, Dollface. Buy tickets in advance for $15, or at the door for $20. Check out this link for up to date information on other bars in town; including live music schedules, happy hour drinks and special event details.

Step 5

Be safe and responsible, ride the trolly or take a cab. Book your room at the Quality Inn Durango and enjoy relaxing in the hot tub or your own hotel room.

Step 6

Catch the New Year’s Day Brunch Train on New Years Day. It departs Durango at 9:45 and premium-class passengers enjoy a hot breakfast buffet, live music and complimentary glass of champagne for a little hair of the dog. Standard-class passengers enjoy the same beautiful views and have access to a concession car with food and drink available.

Step 7

Relax. You made it through another exciting holiday season in one of Town & Country’s best small towns to spend Christmas. Time to focus on the new year ahead, you’re going to crush 2016.

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