Snowbiking – The top winter activity in Durango you didn’t know about.

Snowbiking makes top 10 list of things to do in Durango, CO this winter.

What is snowbiking you ask? Is it for everyone you query? Where on earth can I learn to do such a strange activity you inquire? Wonder no more, here is an introduction to the new world you didn’t know you were dying to try.

What is Snowbiking?

It’s the newest way to shred, carve and curve up the pow pow. (Sorry, that won’t happen again) A snowbike is a bike that has skis instead of wheels. A relatively new piece of equipment, it is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Riders of a snowbike wear foot skis to help with balance and control. Watch this video for an introduction into how to ride a snowbike.

Is it for Everyone?

Yes! According to countless reviewers, snowbiking is a very inclusive way to enjoy the slopes. Whether you are an avid biker looking for a new way to enjoy the long winter months, or a “mature” adult who can no longer tolerate the joint pain that skiing can cause, or someone who has never been down the mountain and wants an easy to learn way to enjoy Colorado’s beauty, Snowbiking is for you. With instruction, most people master the snowbike on the first day, making it a relatively easy snow sport for a variety of skill levels to enjoy.

Where can I learn to Snowbike?

Durango’s Purgatory Mountain Resort provides a Snowbiking Experience. In fact, it is one of the 10 top things to do in Durango according to TripAdvisor reviewers. Impressively, 64 out of 66 reviews score the experience a perfect 5 out of 5. Classes start at 9:00 a.m., 7 days a week, and cost $98.00 which includes instruction and equipment rental. You must be at least 5 feet tall and 14 years of age to participate with a ski pass.

Bring the whole family to Durango and try something new this ski season. Don’t forget to book your room at the Quality Inn Durango and get your discounted ski pass. Hurry, because the pow pow gnar gnar won’t shred itself!

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