Spend Easter weekend in Durango. Hop aboard the Easter Peanuts Durango train, join the Easter egg hunt or enjoy Easter brunch in Durango!

“Every Easter, the Easter Beagle comes dancing along with his basket full of eggs, which he hands out to all the good little children,” Linus said. Sally said, “That sounds faintly familiar. I remember sitting out in a stupid pumpkin patch all night waiting for The Great Pumpkin to come. And you know something ? He never came! That was the worst night of my life.” “But this is different. That was… Read More

Easter Sunday is just around the corner and in addition to meeting the Easter Bunny, there’s another animal you can celebrate with this year. We’ll give you a hint: He’s a beagle. He likes to sleep on top of his dog house. Aaaaaand his name is Snoopy. This Saturday, you can rides┬áPeanuts The Easter Beagle Express to celebrate Easter with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and, of course, the Easter Bunny (a few… Read More