Durango, Colorado, is home to several craft breweries and microbreweries.

Durango does it up for Independence Day every year, so you should make your plans now for July 4 in Durango or risk missing out!

It’s a big year for the Durango Independent Film Festival — the Big 10! This year marks the festival’s 10th anniversary (although not consecutively), and the traditional gift for the 10th anniversary is tin or aluminum, so keep that in mind when you’re shopping. Anyway. This year’s festival runs March 4-8, and festivities promise to be a doozy to mark the occasion. Durango Film puts together an impressive shebang for filmmakers, visitors and special… Read More

There’s still time to get your tickets for the next Durango Brew Train, this Saturday, Sept. 20! The brew train is a special kind of awesome: beer and trains. Like it could get any better. The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad teamed up with Durango’s local craft breweries — five total — to bring passengers this special pairing of ales and rails. An honest-to-goodness 1920s steam locomotive will huff and puff through… Read More

Last week, we talked about things to do in Durango on vacation — and we’re still talking about it! There’s just so much to do, we can’t stop talking. So, without further ado, more things to do in Durango! Brewery Tours and Tastings Durango may have only about 17,000 residents, but the city has five craft breweries. That’s like one brewery per 3,400 people, which when you put it that way, doesn’t… Read More

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so break out your green, practice your pucker, and get your drinking pants on! (Or don’t; you can celebrate St. Paddy’s completely sober, although we don’t necessarily recommend it.) So, what is there to do in Durango for St. Patrick’s Day? Well, we’ll tell ya. Mmm…Beer In keeping with the tradition of getting completely blarney’d on St. Paddy’s, Durango has plenty of breweries where… Read More

It’s mid-September, and you know what that means? Time to strap on your lederhosen and hoist your stein during Durango’s Oktoberfest! Why is Oktoberfest celebrated in September? Well, the original 16-day festival in Munich, Germany, wasn’t called “Oktoberfest” when it began in 1810 — and it still isn’t. To the locals, the beer fair is called “die Wiesn,” after the name of the actual fairgrounds where it’s held. But the original festival inspired… Read More

Dang. There’s gonna be a whole lot of imbibing going on this weekend in Durango. Not only is the Mesa Verde Country Food, Wine & Art Festival happening in Cortez this weekend, Saturday is the 15th annual San Juan Brewfest at Buckley Park in downtown Durango, Colorado. The festival features — ready for this? — more than 40 breweries, including Colorado favorites such as Left Hand Brewing, New Belgium Brewing and Oskar… Read More