2016 Hesperus Ski Swap

2016-hesperus-ski-swapCertain events are tradition, and certain days are holy: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hesperus Ski Swap…you know, the usual.

Just as Easter marks the beginning of spring, the annual Hesperus Ski Swap marks the start of ski season in Durango. This year is Hesperus Ski Patrol’s 53rd annual ski swap, and it will be held Saturday, Nov. 5, at the La Plata County Fairgrounds, 2500 Main Ave. in Durango, Colorado (just four blocks south of the Durango Quality Inn).

Shoppers can browse and buy from more than 10,000 items and are sure to find something they need (“need” being loosely defined and possibly subject to spousal approval). Nearly 20 vendors from Colorado, New Mexico and Utah will showcase and sell their new and used ski and snowboard gear at unbeatable prices. In addition to the vendors, private individuals will be selling and swapping their own equipment. But the selection isn’t limited only to ski and snowboard gear: Buyers can browse  other snow equipment, such as snowshoes, as well as backcountry gear, hiking equipment, packs, car racks and plenty more.

People who want to sell their personal gear need to register during public check-in 3-8 pm. Thursday, Nov. 3, at La Plata County Fairgrounds. The cost for individuals to sell their goods is $1 per items, and each item must have a minimum price of $5. Those who want to sell can download a form online and fill it out prior to public check-in night.

The ski swap is the Hesperus Ski Patrol‘s annual fundraiser, and the event relies on volunteers to make it happen. The ski patrol is looking for volunteers for Thursday, Nov. 3, through Sunday, Nov. 6.  Volunteering comes with some great perks, including a free T-shirt and admission for you/your family into the swap’s Friday night Pre-Swap Sale!  The pre-game event runs from 5-8 p.m. and gives volunteers a crack at all the goods before the sale opens to the public. (In order to get the benefits, each volunteer must work one full shift.)

As we mentioned, the county fairgrounds are just a few blocks from our hotel, the Quality Inn Durango. If you’ll be coming to town for the ski swap — or just to spend the weekend — book your room with us today!

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