Zip lining in Durango

Soaring Tree Top Adventures Zip Lining Durango

Durango offers a plethora — a plethora, by jove! — of  ways to get outside and explore the Great Outdoors. There’s hiking and biking, rafting and tubing, skiing and snowboarding and so much more. And then there’s zip lining.

Since gaining popularity about 10 years ago, zip lining has become sort of “extreme sports light.” It’s a rush, but not really a risk. You’re outside, but not out of breath. You get to enjoy a new experience without having to renew your life insurance policy.

So, if you’re up for it, you have a couple of options for zip lining in Durango.

Full Blast Adventure Center

Full Blast Adventure Center offers both zip line tours and paintball at its facility only 1 mile from downtown Durango. The Full Blast Zipline Canopy Tour takes fliers from tower to tower on zip lines that stretch through ponderosa pines and deliver plenty of purple mountain majesties. Visitors have two options at Full Blast Adventure Center: the Ponderosa and the Ponderosa Grande. The Ponderosa tour is a two-hour experience that zips guests through the forest and includes snacks and drinks. The Ponderosa Grande is a three-hour adventure that features the course’s longest and fastest zip lines, including “The Big Daddy.” This Grande tour brings fliers full circle when they land their final zip on the company’s rooftop patio. Reservations are required. Although there is no age limit, fliers must be at least 40 inches tall and weigh less than 245 pounds. Full Blast Adventure Center also offers Durango’s only commercial paintball facility for people who want to do both. The center is open March 1 through Nov. 30, so you still have a few months to fly!

Soaring Tree Top Adventures

Soaring Tree Top Adventures isn’t your average zip lining experience. It’s a high-end version of high-flying fun. For more than 40 years, the Beggrow family ran a five-star luxury resort on their property about 20 miles north of Durango in the San Juan National Forest. The resort was accessible only by helicopter or via the Durango train. They shuttered the remote resort in 2004 and opened the nation’s first zip line course, which guests can still only reach by rail. Soaring is a one-of-a-kind, daylong experience. It starts with a two-hour ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad to the property. The train stops in the middle of nowhere, and guests are dropped off to be greeted by Soaring staff. The course features 27 zip lines ranging from 56 feet to 1,400 feet that stretch through ponderosa pines and aspen groves and over the Animas River. The five-hour excursion includes a three-course lunch and, of course, a trip back to town on the Durango train.

While you’re in Durango, zip lining isn’t the only thing you’ll need reservations for. Summer is a busy season, and Durango hotels book up quickly — including here at the Durango Quality Inn. So be sure to book your room with us at the Quality Inn Durango  for your Durango zip lining adventure!

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