Durango’s Winter Festival Snowdown 2016

Back to the Eighties theme sure to draw a huge crowd at this years Snowdown 2016.

What do Madonna, Michael Jackson, Mrs. PacMan and Marty McFly all have in common? They can totally rock this year’s Back to the Eighties theme of Durango’s Winter Snowdown Festival! Snowdown is the highlight of Durango’s winter social calendar and you won’t want to miss all of the throwback shenanigans happening this year.

Snowdown History

If you are from outer space (E.T. reference anyone) then you might not know that Snowdown is a 5 day party in the beautiful town of Durango, CO. Originally started in 1979 by founder John Murrah, Snowdown was an opportunity to wake the sleepy town of Durango up during the long cold winter. Now a non-profit corporation with the goal of bringing fun, commerce and tourism to this small town, it has grown to become nationally recognized as the place to be for winter time fun. Outsider magazine even listed it as one of the best winter carnivals in North America.

Events, events and more events

Snowdown is as zany as it gets and anyone who’s been in a small mountain town for long, enter visions from The Shining, knows that things can get a little weird with too much isolation. The 38th annual Snowdown takes place from January 27th – 31st and will have an ever increasingly strange list of events. Events suggestions are still being taken and the official list roles out closer to party time. However, previous mainstays include Snowdown Follies, Light Parade, dances, costume contests and balloon rally.  Sound too mainstream for you, try the list of less ordinary events from years past including eating contest, adult broomball leagues, ski soft ball, beer pong contests, speed dating,  and Outlaw Josie Pete’s Golf Tournament. Last year the event list totaled over 140 different categories, so there is sure to be something for everyone. We recommend you start working on your costume now as folks around here take the theme very seriously; here are some suggestions to avoid embarrassment.

Not lucky enough to be a Durango local? Don’t worry, book your room now at the Durango Quality Inn where guests are family, and you’ll beat those winter time blues. We won’t even make you do the Truffle Shuffle for the best seat in town…..but just to get you in the mood, Truffle Shuffle, you’re welcome.

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