Love is in the air. Elk love, that is. With roughly 265,000 elk in the state, Colorado is an elk mecca, and fall is their mating season. September and October mark the fall rut — “rut” meaning the bulls put on Barry White, light some candles and start wooing the ladies. Although much of the state’s elk population is in Rocky Mountain National Park north of Interstate 70, the San Juan National… Read More

Looking for something to do on Saturdays that doesn’t involve chores, video games or Facebook? Then look to the right of this sentence. Yup, that’s the Durango Nature Center, which offers an easy way to get out of the house, offline and into nature for the day. In 1998, Durango Nature Studies acquired the 142-acre natural area that’s permanently protected by a conservation easement. The upper 35-acre section has miles of interpretive… Read More