The 2017 Animas River Days will be June 1-3 in Durango, Colorado, with the whitewater paddling party and parade happening Saturday, June 3, at Santa Rita Park.

In Durango, Memorial Day weekend is all about the Durango train, whitewater rafting, bicycle races and the start of summer fun on the ski slopes.

July and August are the perfect time to go tubing in the Animas River in Durango.

Summer vacations in Durango, Colorado, should include a whitewater rafting trip on the Animas River.

The Animas River is, quite literally, the artery of Durango. Heck, it’s why the town exists; the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Company needed to serve the burgeoning San Juan mining district, and the company needed water, so the railroad founded¬†Durango along the banks of the Animas River in 1880. Today, the Animas River is still the lifeblood of the town, and the annual Animas Days festival honors all that the river… Read More

Animas River Days is a weekend-long celebration of all things whitewater: rafting, kayaking,¬†paddle boarding, rubber duck racing…? Oh, don’t forget the inflatable rodeo or the river parade. Animas River Days kicks off this weekend, and most events will be held at Durango’s Whitewater Park, 149 S. Camino del Rio near Santa Rita Park. The Animas River is truly the heart of Durango; the city grew up along its banks, and Main Avenue… Read More

The sun is shining. The snow is melting. And that means it’s almost that time of year again — time to get yourself in a raft and get on some rapids! Durango may have more of one thing than breweries, and that’s rafting operators: 4 Corners Whitewater, Flexible Flyers Rafting, Mild to Wild Rafting, Durango Rafting, Durango Rivertrippers, Outlaw Rivers and Jeep Tours — the list is loooooooong, and the whitewater rafting… Read More

The Animas River is one of Colorado’s major rafting rivers and accounts for about 9 percent of Colorado’s commercial rafting market, according to some report somewhere. But you don’t care about reports. You care about getting on the Animas River. Good call. The Animas River offers some amazing white water rafting for people of all ages and abilities, and because Durango was built on the river’s banks, the city is the best… Read More