Fourth of July in Durango means costumes, concerts, fireworks, parades and a big, ol’ party. Here’s your guide to having the best July 4 in Durango! 

Durango Fiesta Days in Durango, Colorado, is as much a part of our mountain town as, well, the mountains. Or snow. Or rivers. Or the Durango train. The annual summer rodeo and festival first began in the 1930s and has had many names over the years. First, it was known as Spanish Trails Fiesta then — in the 1960s — became the Navajo Trail Fiesta and, finally, in the 1980s, the event… Read More

The Fourth of July is one of those holidays — the kind when you want to have the most fun EVER, sort of like Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Luckily, there’s no pressure to try to get yourself invited to some crazy party or fun barbecue because all of downtown Durango becomes a party to celebrate the Fourth of July. The 4th of July in Durango gets started early with a pancake breakfast at Rotary… Read More

Last year’s theme was safari, this year’s theme is steampunk — but no matter what the theme is,  it’s always a blast because it’s Snowdown! This is Durango’s 37th annual Snowdown, Durango’s yearly winter celebration. Locals started Snowdown in 1979 as a way to give snow-weary residents and cold-crazed local businesses some oomph during the winter doldrums. This year is Steampunk Snowdown, and the five-day party will take place Jan. 28 through Feb. 1 in Durango, Colorado. Unclear what… Read More

It’s that time of year again: FAIR TIME! The La Plata County Fair kicks off Wednesday, Aug. 6, and runs through Sunday, Aug. 10. You know what the fair means: tons of events. The fair means horse shows, poultry shows, and swine shows. It means goat, rabbit, and sheep shows. And, naturally, it means livestock shows and sales (and some bull riding, to boot). There’s a talent contest, a corn-shucking contest, a cake-decorating contest, a rooster-crowing… Read More

Halloween is one of those holidays: There’s so much pressure to have fun. Are any of your friends having a Halloween party? Are any of your friends’ friends having a Halloween party you could crash? Should you throw a Halloween party because it’s the only way you’ll find a party? Well, look no further. The Henry Strater Theatre in downtown Durango is throwing the Strater Halloween Bash on Halloween night, and you don’t… Read More